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You find it easy to make some time to spend with your other half today.

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If you are still single, go out and have fun with your friends! Choose people who make you feel good and the one you are yearning for will soon make an appearance.

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Expect some interesting career developments today that will show you how to overcome some difficulties you have been having at work. Your finances are a little tight and you will need to exercise greater self control if you are to stick to your budget.

Leo horoscope 12222: The Year Your Life Changes, Leo!

Our website uses cookies to improve your experience and provide personalised content. By continuing to use our website you acknowledge and agree to that. If you want to learn more, you can read our privacy and cookies policy. Someone feels betrayed and feels the need to lash out against the betrayer.

Don't get caught in the middle of someone else's quarrel. For the most part, everything is going very well for you now, and you don't need to clutter up your life with negative energy. Try to avoid touchy situations, and by tomorrow the energy will pass. Rejection is a risk you may have to face. It could come from anywhere, but should it come from your peers, you would do well to remember that fair-weather friends are no friends at all.

If you have done something that some people find distasteful, then expect them to tell you so. A true friend will let you know how they feel, but respect your right to choose, while a fair-weather friend will judge you by your actions and leave. However, the idea of love and romance becomes a distant memory following some family issues on Wednesday. Now is the time to land a new job or push for a promotion.

Up until October 9th, your relationship is completely faultless. Kosovo imam expelled over Darwin's theory. Upcycled Halloween mason jars are the perfect spooky decor. Read more. Cooperation and team effort will end up with success for you at any venture. You are charged emotionally more than ever! You must take this as an opportunity to express your love and care to every one you come across. But before you can do this you must meditate and channelize your potential.

Leo Health & Wellness Horoscope

However you can also chose to exhaust this energy if you are in the mood to exercise in excess. It is time to take a step back and examine your relationship in the cold light of reason. You have been ignoring some information about your partner but you need to realize that this will not make it go away. Instead, you need to factor that in as you analyze the dynamics of your relationship.

You may have to take some tough decisions at this time.