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Simple mathematics will reveal what your birth path numbers are according to your birth date numbers. Each birth path consists of primary and secondary influences. The day of your birth indicates your primary birth path. Simple numbers are , master numbers are 11 11, not 2 and 22 22, not 4.

December 14 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality |

If you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of any month, your primary birth path is an achiever. President Bill Clinton : Born Aug. Bill Gates : Born Oct. Mahatma Gandhi : Born Oct. If you were born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, or 30th of any month, your primary birth path is artist.

If you were born on the 4th, 13th, or 31st of any month, your primary birth path is a pragmatist. President Barack Obama : Aug. Christopher Columbus : Born Oct. Share Flipboard Email. Phylameana lila Desy, the author of "The Everything Guide to Reiki," is a freelance writer, holistic healing consultant, intuitive counselor, and an energy medicine practitioner.

Updated January 08, Here is the formula for calculating your birth path number, along with several examples:.

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The birth path calculation example given below is for the birthdate of Nov. Celebrity birthdates are given as examples under each of the birth path numbers. These natives are thought to be energetic and ambitious, always aiming high just like the Archer glyph. Modality: Sagittarius is a Mutable sign, this being the third modality to appear.

Birthdate/Birthday Months and Days for 12222

This reveals adaptability and a sense of enthusiasm when it comes to change and advancement. Element: Fire is the representative element for Sagittarius people and is the first in order. This force of nature suggests an individual with strong inner qualities who is magnetic and charming to those around. Ruling house: The ninth is the representative house for the Sagittarius people born under this astrological sign. This is a place of higher education and travel endeavors.

Ruling planet: Jupiter is the representative astrological planet for those born under the Sagittarius astrology. This planet of the zodiac suggests expansions and luck.

Lucky numbers: December 14 birthday people have as lucky numbers 1, 2, 13, 16 and Lucky day: Thursday represents the first lucky day for Sagittarius people. This is a day governed by Thor, the God of thunder. Years of change: Those born under the December 14 horoscope have as years of change and major influence 17, 24, 31 and In regard to love, Sagittarius natives born on December 14 are described as direct and enthusiastic partners.

They speak their minds every occasion they have and are not afraid to move on if they feel their current situation is not beneficial enough for them. They are honest lovers so they usually refuse to declare their love if they are not sure they are truly feeling it. These people are optimistic and persistent both in love and in life in general.

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When it comes to compatibilities for these people, the first rule is that they are most attracted to the other Fire signs: Aries March April 19 and Leo July August These two fire signs are a match that can go either way! Sometimes your very stubborn personalities come to an agreement and things go fairly good, other time even the smallest decision you need to take turn into the most difficult thing in the world.

No matter in what direction things go, this is sure to be a fiery combination!

The third sign they are compatible with is Gemini May June The sign Sagittarius natives are said to be least compatible with is Scorpio October November Those born on the fourteenth day of the month are attracted to people that are sensible and reliable just like them but also to emotional people with whom they can offer support and guidance. They regard love as another mean to share peace and help other achieve their potential.

Every path has primary and secondary influences

These people are compatible with others born on the 1st, 10th, 11th and 20th. Purple symbolizes spirituality, royalty, purpose and good judgment. The zodiac color should be used in items of clothing or objects in the house. People who have purple as sign color are wise persons, perfectionists and humanitarians.

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Their whole life is dedicated to the strive to become the best of what they think they should be. Most children prefer purple to other colors.

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  • It is a good color to surround yourself with when you need to meditate and have some peace of mind. Turquoise symbolizes achievement and glory. This zodiac birthstone should be used in all kinds of jewelry items that are to be worn frequently. This is one of the birthstones openly recognized for its healing properties. It helps treat respiratory infections, asthma and even depression.

    Ancient Egyptians considered this a stone of life. Its name comes from the French expression Pierre tourques. Another gemstone considered lucky for Sagittarius natives is Quartz. It is the symbol of purity and cleanness. Narcissus is the flower of preference for Sagittarius natives, especially those born under the December Narcissus suggests loyalty and trustworthiness.

    This zodiac flower is advised to be used for gifts and decorations. Narcissus is said to influence individuals to reveal their true intentions. You can enjoy this flower during spring time.